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A Christmas Light Story Every Dad Can Relate To3 min read

Christmas Lights Clark Griswald

My wife has been on me for a week to get our Christmas tree up. We’ve never put it up this early, but two nights ago I caved. We got everything out of the attic, put the kids to bed, and started unpacking.

It’s important to mention that another motivation (and probably more importantly) was my two year old, who has been asking for the tree. All he “wants from Santa” is a Christmas tree.

Our tree is 12 feet tall, is stored in two boxes, and is quite an undertaking to put up. But I worked up the mental toughness to get it done. Sort of.. (video below)


So we started, and before we even had half of it up, I knew I was in trouble. About 1/3 of the lights were not working. We tried everything. I unplugged and “replugged” every connection. I made sure every light was secure.

And then I started getting mad. I checked a few of the fuses and thought that could be the problem.

I left the house at 10:00PM and headed two minutes up the road to Walgreen’s. When I got there at 10:09PM, the sign said they closed at 10:00PM. That was great. Now I was even more mad. But I told my two year old I would get the tree up, and I knew what it would mean to him to see it the next morning.

So I headed on down the road to Wal-Mart.

Initially I thought they were out of 3 AMP fuses, but after digging through to the back of the shelf I found some. They were only $0.98 per package, so I grabbed two. I also bought a $0.98 package of replacement bulbs.

But in the back of my mind I didn’t feel good about my diagnosis. In fact, I had already made up my mind that if this didn’t work I was going to buy a few extra strands of lights, put them on the tree, and then after Christmas dump the whole tree and start over next year..

A Hint of Hope

Just before I turned around to leave I saw a little package labeled Light Keeper Pro. “Fixes light sets fast and easy” it said. Yeah, right..

But I was at the point of giving up, and it was only $20. I grabbed one, and thought to myself, “Ok, worst case scenario is if this doesn’t work, I’ll bring it back and get my $20 back.”

I got home around 11:15. After leaving my wife with the task of “fluffing” the tree, she was asleep on the couch. So now she’s tired and ready for bed…but I was just getting started.

Light Keeper Pro

Although she didn’t say so verbally, I knew Autumn had her doubts about my new gadget that was going to save Christmas. By this point she had gone from super excited and motivated to just sleepy and ready for bed.

So I unpacked my magic light fixer and read the instructions (yes, I actually did).

And I saved Christmas:

In all seriousness, I really thought I had wasted my money. I made sure to keep the receipt because I just knew I would be taking it back. I really haven’t read enough on how it works, but it works. And I’ve told everyone.

I wonder how many sets of lights over the years (before pre-lit Christmas trees) people have trashed when they could have been fixed with the handy Light Keeper Pro.

Here’s the official Light Keeper Pro website. They also have an LED light set fixer too.

Share your Light Keeper Pro story below in the comments!

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