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My Starbucks Boycott Begins Now3 min read

Boycott Starbucks

I’ve absolutely had as much as I can take with Starbucks.

After their CEO, Howard Schultz, recently endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, there have been many Conservative calls to boycott the premium coffee chain.

Here’s the real reason my Starbucks boycott begins now.

I’ve attempted to reach a Starbucks corporate contact to air my grievance, but have had zero luck…so here goes.

Starbucks uses the lowest quality cups and at least once per week coffee drips all over me before I even get to work!

Now I would expect this from a cheap cup of Joe, but when you purchase an overpriced premium coffee for $3, your last worry should be the cup failing and dripping all over your pants, shoes, car, and desk!

I find that at least once per week one of three things happen:

The Cup is Overfilled
Overfilled Starbucks Coffee Cup

This should be an easy one. If the barista put as much concentration towards the level at which my coffee cup is filled as they did on that Venti Non-Fat Skinny Quadruple shot Machiatto, then we wouldn’t have any trouble here.

It’s simply coffee cup science. You cannot fill the cup to the tip top and expect the lid to hold its seal! And room for cream doesn’t mean 1 millimeter.

The Barista Lines Up the Lid Opening with the Cup Seam
Starbucks Coffee Cup Seam Leak

Again, this is an easy one. Coffee science is clear. The lid opening cannot be lined up with the cup seam. The seam is the one place the seal will not hold, and why anyone would line it up where the coffee will flow over it during the life of the drink is beyond me.

This one then leads to another problem. If you remove the lid to adjust it, the coffee will then be all inside the grooves of the lid, and a good seal is then impossible from that point forward – unless you take a napkin and completely dry out the lid.

Who wants to pay $3 for all that extra work and effort?

Complete Cup Failure
Starbucks Coffee Cup Failure

Sometimes you just get a bad cup. Or maybe you get the one on the very bottom of the sleeve of cups and the top is bent or mashed. This prevents a good seal with the lid as well.

Other times the bottom glue just seems to be missing and it leaks out the bottom.

Starbucks Coffee Cup Failure Leak

Again, for a premium priced coffee, none of this should even be an issue.

So What’s the Alternative?

The best retail alternative for me is Mcdonald’s. There’s a McDonald’s right next door to the Starbuck’s. One could argue the quality and taste of the brew, but my opinion is that McDonald’s coffee tastes just as good, if not better.

McDonald’s clearly has Starbuck’s beat in the cup department. They use a cup without a seam, so the lid creates a much more reliable seal with the cup. Some locations have abandoned the polystyrene cups, but still have higher quality paper options (without all of these issues).

But who am I kidding here…the real alternative is to make my own coffee at home, fill my thermos, and take my Yeti. My wallet would prefer that, and I wouldn’t have to worry about it leaking all over me, my car, and my desk.

Maybe it’s trivial (and maybe the true issue is that I buy one to begin with), but am I the only one with these issues?

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