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The Best Way to Share Online Content on Social Media2 min read

Share Content on Social Media

Buffer is the best free tool available to share online content to your favorite social media sites and profiles. With Buffer, you only need one button to efficiently share your favorite content to your fans and followers.

In addition to being able to share content with just one button or tool, you can schedule your content to be shared at certain times, manage multiple accounts, allow team access to your Buffer account and see detailed analytics on how your fans and followers viewed and interacted with your content.

Buffer App Screenshot

Buffer is Efficient

Simply put, without Buffer, you have to go to each social media site independently, or you have to click on a specific button for each site where you would like to share the content. With Buffer, you eliminate all that wasted time. Share it once with Buffer, and your content will go to each social media site as you have it scheduled.

Buffer also seamlessly integrates with your favorite platforms and devices by using apps and extensions with services like Google Chrome, Firefox, WordPress, Twitter, Android, iOS, Safari and more.

Custom Scheduling

The biggest problem I have with sharing content to my social media profiles is the timing. Most of my online reading and researching happens late at night once the kids are in the bed. If I share all of my interesting content at 11:00PM, many of my social media followers won’t see it. With Buffer, I can setup a sharing schedule that’s optimized specifically for my fans and followers. I can add 10 articles to my Buffer account, and it will automatically publish those shares at times I have previously set.

Buffer for Business

Buffer also works well for businesses. Buffer for Business is a paid option that has even more features including more connected accounts, more team members to help manage your account, priority access to business features plus all of the standard Buffer features. If your business has an online presence, you need Buffer for Business. It will save you time, money and headaches!

I’d love to hear about your Buffer experience in the comment section.

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